Friday, March 4, 2016

Artist-friendly Social Music Marketplace

Do you think SoundCloud is the best place to host your music? While SoundCloud has worked well for promoting free music, it hasn’t been great for monetizing. SoundCloud's earnings split is shockingly low for artists. Also why does SoundCloud make artists pay for a subscription to provide valuable content when it is the content that drives visitors to the site and not the other way around? Considering SoundCloud's “shoot first ask questions later” takedown policy, it seems like their overall top down philosophy is not in the interest of artists or they were not set up properly to handle their growth. Either way it is no surprise that SoundCloud is experiencing financial solvency issues.
If you are looking forward to a better solution, check out what Emusician had to say about Orfium where it is free to host and promote your music and monetization pays 80%. Plus you can automatically import your music from SoundCloud.
How about ReverbNation? What about it? Their site is cluttered and it feels like ReverbNation is doing whatever they can to get you to enter your credit card and charge it. They win, you lose. It is better to use services that operate on a pure revenue share where they don’t make money unless you do. That is a win-win structure and it is how Orfium works. Plus there are no long-term contracts, all monetization services are offered non-exclusively whenever possible, and you can individually opt-in/out at any time. There is zero risk and you have the flexibility to customize your policies however needed to accommodate all of your 3rd party deals including with record labels, publishers, distributors, and PROs.
BandCamp on the other hand does seem to have the right philosophy and we like that about them. However while it functions well as a personal website and storefront it is not quite set up as an elegant social discovery platform to be a starting point for listeners. Many artists promote music on other platforms and then direct buyers to BandCamp. It works but it is not efficient. Orfium is designed with both artists and consumers in mind where music is promoted, sold, and listened to on a single integrated platform.
Orfium is a blended smoothie from the future containing the best parts of SoundCloud, iTunes, and BandCamp. See below to learn more and start uploading today:
We are problem solvers and would love to hear your suggestions. Please drop us a line at and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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